Improved Diagnostic Accuracy

The versatile, lightweight, and robust ECG acquisition module (HD+) provides comfort to the patient and extreme flexibility to the user thanks to the Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) or USB cable connectivity. This is combined with an accurate impedance check that allow to get an high quality ECG Waveform.

Enhancing Clinical

With the availability of HD+ 12 and HD+ 15 that helps to identify RV & LV Posterior & Lateral Wall ST Changes. Moreover, the selection of QT/QTc trending improves the assessment of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Risk.

State of the Art algorithm
for Artifact reduction

SENSA (Stress ECG Noise Suppression Algorithm) cleans data without altering the true ECG Waveform/Activity for Accurate analysis

Light-weight flow sensor

The low weight and the low dead space of the flow sensor are particularly comfortable for the patient.

Flexible solution

Designed to either be optimally integrated in a complex network environment or to be used as a single-user solution cardio pulmonary exercise testing system.

Enhanced experience

The system will be executed on a single CPU and visualized on 2 screens to enhance the real-time experience during the test execution. The screen display and the report can be configured independently to include graphs, tables, and semi-automated diagnosis text.