Cubeholter Software
Cardioline's long term ECG
analysis system

Powerful and intuitive with numerous pre-processing functions on board


Cubeholter software

3 and 12 channel recorders from 250 to 1,000Hz. from 24 hours to 7 days.

Principal ventricular and supra ventricular arrhythmiasatrial fibrillation and paced beats are classified and presented in different formats.

Optimized algorithms provide quick and reliable analysis to be printed immediately or verified through a step by step workflow.

Heart beat detection and artifact rejection are automatically performed by new powerful award winning algorithms.

Recordings can be quickly downloaded locally or remotely.

The software generates a final report that can be exported. Raw data for the full test can be stored in Cardioline’s ECGWebApp Holter and analyzed from any location.

  • User manual
  • USB connecting cable for walk400h/clickholter ECG
  • CD ROM software Cubeholter
  • USB protection key
  • USB back-up key
  • webuploader
  • Warranty, 24 months
  • A4 b/w laser printer
  • USB connecting cable for Walk400h/Clickholter ECG