Hospitals and Clinics

Leading Diagnostic integrated Solutions for Acute Care and Diagnostic Clinics

Cardioline solutions for hospitals and Clinics combine our devices and software that utilise both commercially and proprietary available hardware to optimise sustainability, whilst meeting the stringent demand of integrated user friendly workflows & cybersecurity.

Solutions provided


Cardioline solutions for hospitals and Clinics offer all of the traditional Multi-modality solutions within the domain of Diagnostic Cardiology; Resting, Ambulatory & Exercise ECG and other extended Cardiac Respiratory related parameters, e.g. Blood Pressure & Respiratory Measurements.

These are all wrapped in a Cybersecure Web Based ecosystem, designed to leverage high quality acquisiton, Advanced Algorithms, AI and other tools to maximise accurate timely Diagnosis, Reporting, and Service support, to provide solutions anytime anyhwere for everyone.


The Benefits of Solutions Offering


Intuitive & User friendly, minimal training needs

Cardioline devices and software have an easy-to-use interface and cutting-edge features that simplify and enhance your workflow, with minimal training needs.


High quality & Robust

Cardioline products are durable thanks to the superior manufacturing technology and materials used. Cardioline devices can withstand tough conditions, frequent use, and strong sanitizers.


CyberSecurity and full integration into resident EHR/ EMR

Cardioline’ solutions integrate seamlessly with hospital information systems with a high standard of Cybersecurity, delivering optimal workflow efficiency in patient care and time savings for the institution.


Open Web Based Architecture to support integration to AI and Future technologies

Centralize online patient and exam management, facilitating the exchange of information with other healthcare professionals and remote retrieval of patient files. Its modular and open design allows the integration of AI and 3rd party technologies.


Our Hospital Solutions


The 12 lead Electrocardiograph for your department.


The full format 12 lead Electrocardiograph for your department.


The 12 lead Electrocardiograph for your Hospital.


The full format 12 lead Electrocardiograph for your Hospital.

touchECG System Digital

Our 12 or 15 lead ECG system solution with wireless connectivity for PC, tablet and smartphone.

touchECG System Digital Premium

Our 12/15 lead electrocardiograph designed for heavy use in the hospital ward.

Cubestress System

Our complete solution incorporating the latest innovations for stress exercise testing.

CubeABPM Software

The easy and intuitive system for ABPM reporting.


Cardioline’s ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system (ABPM).


Our web platform, GDPR compliant, managing full ABPM workflow.

Walk Free

Wearable 3 channel cable-free ECG Holter patch recorder.

Clickholter ECG

Small, durable and accurate: the standard of clinical cardiology.


Clickholter with recording capability of up to 7 days.

Cubeholter Software

Powerful and intuitive with numerous pre-processing functions on board.

ECGWebApp Holter

Manage the full Holter workflow: report, store and view Holter ECG exams.


Our innovative, state of the art web platform for ECG exams reporting and storage.

ECGWebApp Reporting

Statistical reports with one clic.


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