Holter Monitoring

Cubeholter software

Cardioline’s long term ECG analysis system. Powerful and intuitive with numerous pre-processing functions on board.

Cubeholter is a next generation Holter analysis software, designed for fast and reliable review of multi-day ECG recordings.

Workflow is streamlined and operations are simplified, from recorder preparation to printing of the final report.

Cubeholter analysis software is the best solution in a variety of different environments, ranging from single workstation to multi location data upload and reviewing stations.


  • 3 and 12 channel recorders from 250 to 1,000Hz. from 24 hours to 7 days.
  • Principal ventricular and supra ventricular arrhythmiasatrial fibrillation and paced beats are classified and presented in different formats.
  • Optimized algorithms provide quick and reliable analysis to be printed immediately or verified through a step by step workflow.
  • Heart beat detection and artifact rejection are automatically performed by new powerful award winning algorithms.
  • Recordings can be quickly downloaded locally or remotely.
  • The software generates a final report that can be exported. Raw data for the full test can be stored in Cardioline’s ECGWebApp Holter and analyzed from any location.

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