Data Management


The “personal” system for resting ECG Data Management. Simple and intuitive. Compatible with “S” and “L” lines of 100 and 200 ECG Series.

ECGEasyApp is an application for managing, archiving and viewing exams, managing and archiving patient files, as well as reviewing ECG exams performed with Cardioline ECG devices, converting and printing to PDF.

It is an application for PC, ideal to manage exams recorded by Cardioline’s electrocardiographs.

ECGEasyApp can receive ECG exams, in SCP format, via USB or directly connecting the device to the PC with a USB cable, or inserting in the PC a USB key where the exams have been previously saved.

ECGEasyApp allows its users maximum flexibility to update their units’ configurations.

The system is compliant with current regulatory and privacy requirements.


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