Holter Monitoring

Walk Free

3 channel “patch” ECG Holter recorder. Walk Free is a cable-free solution with sampling rate of 250 samples/second. Recordings up to 9 days with a single battery.

Walk Free is a newly developed, cable-free, 3-channel “patch” ECG Holter recorder (leads I, II, III). Thanks to its discrete dimensions and reduced weight (30g), it provides maximum patient comfort and full freedom of movement.

The application is very simple and is carried out using 3 standard electrodes placed directly on the patient’s chest.

Exam recording is up to 9 days with a single battery and the device has a sampling rate of 250 samples/second.

During patient preparation, the quality of the ECG signal can be checked in real time using Cardioline’s Device Web Manager software.


Use is extremely simple and intuitive. Registration begins automatically after the starting in the software or in any case after 5 minutes from inserting the battery.

Through Cardioline’s Device Web Manager software, the data can be downloaded from the recorder and sent to Cardioline Cubeholter, even for remote analysis using ECGWebApp Holter.

Walk Free is ideal to be used in telemedicine.


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