Emergency Care

Leading Diagnostic integrated Solutions for First Aid (Mountain Rescue, Firefighters) and Ambulance Services

The Cardioline ambulance-standard compliant ECG solution effectively integrates within the Care Pathway for Cardiac patients, supporting evaluation and triage of STEMI and timely PCI treatment.

Our solution can combine with existing technologies to maximise sustainability and efficiencies, in particular its design reducing the risk of user manual handling injuries.

Solutions provided


Cardioline solutions for Emergency offer the same Leading Diagnostic Cardiology technologies delivered within the Hospital domain with timelyresults made available anytime anywhere for everyone; the touchECG & HD+12 solution integrated within the Cardioline Web Based Reporting Ecosystem is a lightweight digital cybersecure solution, its design offers integration to exisiting technologies supporting reduced risk of a manual handling injury and supports sustainability.

The timely integrated web based reporting and additional AI tools deliver an optimal solution in support of the Care Pathway for Cardiac Patients and Acute MI, where accurate identification of STEMI and early treatment increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.


The Benefits of Solutions Offering


Intuitive & User friendly, minimal training needs

Cardioline devices and software have an easy-to-use interface and cutting-edge features that simplify and enhance your workflow, with minimal training needs.


High quality & Robust

Cardioline products are durable thanks to the superior manufacturing technology and materials used. Cardioline devices can withstand tough conditions, frequent use, and strong sanitizers.


Sustainability – Multiple OS Solutions

Cardioline offers solutions suitable for both proprietary and existing hardware (with different OS), increasing its sustainability.



Our Emergency Care Solutions

touchECG System Android

Next generation PC-ECG application, designed for Android tablets and smartphones.

touchECG System Windows

Next generation PC ECG application, designed for Windows touch screen tablets and laptops.


Our innovative, state of the art web platform for ECG exams reporting and storage.


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