Point of Care

Leading Diagnostic integrated Solutions for GP, Pharmacy, Care Home, Occupational Health and Homecare

Pre-configured out of the box multi-modality Hardware and Software solutions, leveraging high quality signal acquisition and connected secure workflow, for accurate diagnosis and timely Reporting Anywhere, Anytime for Everyone.

Solutions provided


“Cardioline has played a significant role in introducing solutions for Reporting Services in the Point of Care Market, leveraging our decades of history of innovation in telecardiology.

Cardioline has become one of the Market Leaders providing Services in the Pharmacy as Point of Care domain and developing the CardioConsolle and CardioPack, out of the box multi-modality Diagnostic Cardiology Device and Software solutions.
These turnkey solutions include high quality Resting ECG, Holter ECG, and ABPM data acquisition, in tandem with the integrated Reporting Software, provide an efficient and simplified Telecardiology Service. The result is a patient-centric and cost-effective approach to remote patient diagnostic testing and reporting.

Cardioline continues to focus on system integration and intuitive workflow design, making our solutions user-friendly and effective for healthcare providers.”


The Benefits of Solutions Offering


Intuitive & User friendly, minimal training needs

Cardioline devices and software have an easy-to-use interface and cutting-edge features that simplify and enhance your workflow, with minimal training needs.


Portability and robustness

With wireless connectivity and data sharing features, portable, durable, and compact design, Cardioline devices are the ideal companions for your daily challenges.


Partnerships and Sustainability

Tailor-made partnership solutions to meet end customer needs, leveraging and integrating technologies required


Our Point of Care Solutions


The solution for the mobile cardiology diagnostics.


The solution for cardiology diagnostics in Clinics and Pharmacies.


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