Resting ECG Digital Solutions

touchECG System Digital Premium

Workstation with 12/15 leads electrocardiograph (+ 3 Frank), highly ergonomic, the top of performance for an ideal use in High Acuity Hospitals Departments.

Wireless connectivity for tablet and smartphone

12/15 lead electrocardiograph (+ 3 Frank) designed for heavy use in the hospital ward

Robust, easy to transport, long lasting battery. Light and robust wireless acquisition unit, comfortable for patient and operator.

Additionally it includes a large touch-screen color display for quick and intuitive operation, even with gloves. Fully integrated, high resolution A4 thermal printer.

Product Highlights

Our top performance Hospital grade ECG cart

Versatile ECG Acquisition & Connectivity

Automatic, manual, scheduled and STAT ECG acquisition

Continuous ECG acquisition up to 30 minutes, with the ability to select 10 seconds segments at any time. Adult, pediatric and neonatal interpretation by the Glasgow University algorithm.

LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity allow seamless and bidirectional communication with HIS and PACS in SCP, PDF-GDT-XML formats. Internally generated DICOM files, as well as DICOM and HL7 protocols. Furthermore with this system the management of the patient Worklist is evolved and personalized.


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