Recording solutions

The recording solutions we offer are integrated systems for cardiological diagnostics, suited for mobility, which provide doctors and nurses with a real clinical cardiology laboratory.

CardioPack, CardioConsolle and CardioPack Monitor are cutting-edge solutions: they support the recording of resting ECGs, dynamic ECGs, Holter and ABPM as well as the analysis of other parameters including SpO2, heart rate, NIBP and temperature.


Solution for mobile cardiology diagnostics

CardioPack is a commercial configuration that is highly customizable to the specific needs of each user.

It is a mobile solution for clinical cardiology diagnostics, which combines the components for the detection of resting ECG, Holter ECG and 24-hour Holter pressure.

Innovation, fine engineering and high integration with a variety of services, both in the delivery phase and in the support and after-sales phases, are only a few of its strengths.

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Solution for cardiological diagnostics in the doctor’s office, clinic, pharmacy.

CardioConsolle is the perfect solution for cardiological diagnostics in the doctor’s office, clinic and pharmacy. It is extremely customizable and suitable for detecting resting ECG, Holter ECG (from 24 hours to 7 days) and blood pressure Holter.

The CardioConsolle offer includes, in addition to the recorders and related software (GDPR-compliant) a Notebook (with pre-installed software), a dedicated cart and a bag for mobile operation. Multiple sets of electrodes are also included for initial recordings.

With CardioConsolle it is possible to access the ECGWebApp reporting platform to download digitally signed reports.

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CardioPack Monitor

Solution for telemedicine diagnostics.

CardioPack Monitor is our commercial configuration that allows monitoring of temperature, SpO2, blood pressure, heart rate and diagnostic ECG tracing. The solution enables the healthcare staff of a facility to collect and analyse the clinical conditions of patients via telemedicine.

All parameters (temperature, SpO2, BP/HR, diagnostic ECG rhythm) are automatically entered into a cloud platform that generates a permanent medical record.