Reporting solutions

Reporting solutions

Our reporting solutions provide healthcare professionals with a high-performance system for viewing and interpreting data, both in a dedicated cardiological evironment and in general medicine and/or a post-surgical monitoring environment. The system includes a GDPR-compliant database on servers or cloud-based.

ECGWebApp SingleUser

The SingleUser version is the perfect tool available to the individual cardiologist to offer a timely, rapid and continuous reporting service through simple access from a web browser.

The software is certified as a GDPR-compliant, Class IIa medical device. It allows for the digital signature of the report. The cloud infrastructure allows you to obtain a completely safe remote reporting and guarantees data protection.


Reporting services

The reporting services offer the end-to-end solution for turnkey cardiological diagnostics, and are often used to integrate reporting systems, with the purpose of ensuring operational and 24/7 care continuity. The reporting services are supported by a network of selected partners with a wide experience in the use of Cardioline technologies, called Cardioline Ref Site Network.


Cardioline Ref Site Network

The Cardioline Ref Site Network was created with the aim of providing a tool and a service designed for environments in which the cardiology specialist, who typically deals with reporting resting ECGs, Holter ECGs and ABPM, is not available/present, or is not available/present all the time.

Cardioline Ref Site Network is used in multiple contexts, including pharmacies, small and medium-sized medical centres, clinics, home-care services, sports medicine and occupational medicine.

The level of standards guaranteed by Cardioline Ref Site Network is very high; the contract terms of service may vary from Operator to Operator, and in relation to the project. They are available as “rechargeable” report packages and customized “subscription” versions, which in some cases may include the free loan of the technology (Global Service).