Telemedicine Services

The Cardioline Telemedicine team offer specific skills for a wide range of needs of each type of customer.

From order processing, in-factory set-up, shipping and delivery, to installation and testing; from specialized pre- and post-sales technical assistance to business intelligence and reporting support, up to the management of Cardioline’s FullRisk Program, which allows Customers full continuous operations.

Logistics and technical management

  • Order verification during assembly
  • In-factory set-up (preparation and check) of the specific configuration chosen by the Customer
  • Managing and checking shipment
  • Technical support by phone during the final set-up phase
  • Managing testing procedure, collecting and checking supporting documents
  • Registering and activating Cardioline programme
  • FullRisk
  • Managing training procedures (when applicable)

Customer care

  • Collecting and managing orders for consumables and product accessories (electrodes, cables, etc.)
  • Managing and checking order shipments
  • Collecting and managing refill orders for report packages
  • Cardioline Ref Site Network
  • Collecting and managing malfunction reports
  • Direct intervention on customer systems
  • Managing on-site technical service, by a Cardioline Product Specialist

After-sales Business Intelligence Service

  • Collecting and sharing information available in the system regarding the use of resources
  • Monitoring and reporting Cardioline Ref Site Network global-services.
  • Drafting analytics reports with qualitative and quantitative indicators regarding the services provided for development progress
  • Sharing Marketing Bulletins and Solution Updates on a regular basis
  • Organization of webinars/online training events